Friday, November 13, 2009

Reggie Watts - Painting the town Reggie (Zero Hour)

"IN EARLY 2009, ZH INTRODUCED REGGIE WATTS TO AUSTRALIA — the Super Comedian and one-man-band. Using his voice, a loop machine, and improvised theatrics through movement; Watts describes himself as a multi-disciplinary comedic performer — we made the claim he was supernatural." (via Zero Hour)

Reggie Watts Improvisation II from Zero Hour on Vimeo.

"Watts’ academic satire... proves to be just the tip of a particularly bizarre and unquestionably miraculous iceberg that leaves audiences both thrilled and gobsmacked. It’s impossible to accurately translate the cerebral cacophony of ideas Watts cycles through in his all too brief performance." (via Zero Hour)

Visit Zero Hour's website for a full review of what was one of my highlights of 2009.

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