Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zo! & Phonte Feat. Tigallo The Tay God - Return Of The Mack (Cover)

Can we expect a return of Zo & Tigallo??

Listen/ Download HERE

"Good Peoples, 

On a breezy Sunday afternoon in North Carolina, me and my brother Zo! took to the studio to clown around and pay homage to one of the greatest late 90's white people club songs ever. Enjoy! 


Piano and Guitar: Zo!
All vocals and maracas: Phonte
Snaps: Phonte & Zo!
Additional swagged out vocals: Tigallo the Tay God

Shaolin Jazz - The 37th Chamber

"Inspired by Logan Walters' redesign of Wu-Tang Clan album covers in the style of classic Blue Note Records album covers, Gerald Watson teamed up with his friend DJ 2-Tone Jones to create 'Shaolin Jazz - the 37th Chamber', a Wu-Tang-meets-jazz album which matched vocals from the Shaolin members with sounds from hand-picked jazz records."

Download HERE

Monday, May 16, 2011

Shade Cobain - Cobainish Theory

Them Fighting Words presents: Cobainish Theory, the "3rd installment to the 'Theory' series. This 'theory' goes a little bit deeper into the mind of Shade Cobain. With head nod drum tracks and cool grooves, you will get to know his likes, dislikes, imperfections etc".

If you missed the previous Shade Cobain 'theories' you can find them here:

BudaMunk - Smoke Deep (EP)

Download HERE

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Weeknd - House Of Balloons (Mixtape)

Download HERE

Malice & Mario Sweet - Happy 2 Year

Download HERE

1. Happy 2 Year - Produced by Jus D’ amato
2. Speed Of Light - Produced by Tall Black Guy
3. DateNite - Produced Kuddie Fresh
4. Malice - Produced by 10.4 Rog
5. Happiness feat. Choklate - Produced by Kuddie Fresh
6. Mario - Produced by Roy Ayers
7. Living Life feat. Geo (Blue Scholars) - Produced by Vitamin D.

Iman Williams & Bobby Blunt - Before (Prod. by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)


Boglewaltz - We Came For The Music...

Some beautiful talent on this!

"We Came For The Music… is the first release from Boglewaltz. It features a new wave of musical talent from across London and beyond. Here you’ll find classic singer-songwriter material alongside next generation hip-hop anthems and lo-fi punk love songs jumping into bed with pop breakup ballads."

Kooley High - All Day (Video)

'All Day' is taken from Kooley High's debut album "Eastern Standard Time".
Get it HERE.

Kooley High - All Day from David Hambridge on Vimeo.

"Hailing from the dogwood heavy hills of North Carolina, super-group Kooley High arrives on the scene with the mission to delight, electrify and ignite seas of listeners thirsty for something new from the world of Hip Hop. Since they began making music together in early 2007, the six independent members have been allowed and encouraged to let their own individual talents flourish, ensuring that the sounds coming out the Kooley High music factory are one-of-a-kind."

Bodega Man - Love In

Vibin' ....

"Love In" is the first track off Bodega Man's "The Love Album: Love In Love Out". 
You can get it free HERE.

If you missed the first instalment "The Jazz Album: Recession Thinking" 
you can get it HERE