Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fashawn - Boy Meets World (Album)

Fashawn boy meets world

"There couldn’t be a more fitting title for Fashawn’s debut album than Boy Meets World. The phenom from Fresno has been rising to the surface of West Coast hip hop like yeast over the last two years. Not only does Fash have a strong string of mixtapes, but he’s also been featured on a handfull of five star tracks with other artists. With all of the work that he’s put in, it only makes sense for Fashawn to formerly introduce himself to the world with a proper full length release. Backed by Exile’s beautiful and boisterous production, Fashawn gives the world of hip hop one of the most sonically sounding albums of 2009. To those who might feel as though hip hop has been lacking something, this is the breath of fresh air, and the return to youth that you’ve been looking for." (via Culture Bully click for the full review)

Track Listing:
01 Intro
02 Freedom
03 Hey Young World f. Aloe Blacc & Devoya Mayo
04 Stars
05 Life As a Shorty f. J Mitchell
06 The Ecology
07 Our Way f. Evidence
08 Why
09 Samsonite Man f. Blu
10 Father
11 Sunny CA f. Co$$ & Mistah F.A.B.
12 Bo Jackson f. Exile
13 Lupita
14 When She Calls
15 Boy Meets World
Online Bonus Tracks…
The Score f. Planet Asia
Breathe f. Bravo
Outer City

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