Stimulate Your Soul

Stimulate Your Soul is a project I have been helping one of my closest friends, Maggie (a journalism graduate), make a reality. Stimulate You Soul is a music site dedicated to providing interviews and music from artists that are often considered 'slept on' or underground. With the first interviews conducted featuring artists that have made a number of appearances on Culture Creative, you can only imagine what gems are to come! 

"Stimulate Your Soul is designed to do just that. Stimulate your mind, body and soul with interviews from artists that touch your soul.
It's about finding niche, underground Soul, Hip Hop and R n B music and providing a platform to intertwine with each other and connect with its audience all on a one on one level. 
It was designed to accommodate and intricate your thoughts and the artists/music, to go deeper than what's already out there.
It caters for music that stimulates your soul movements. 
Our guilty pleasures penetrate through this website with each artist revealing what not only stimulates them and their music but also us."