Monday, October 11, 2010 Presents Feed Your Ears Vol. 1: The Soul Edition

"The first [in a long series of EPs] is our ‘Soul Edition’, featuring 7 incredible tracks from 7 amazing alt-soul artists. We have Olivier DaySoul, Jimetta Rose, Peter Hadar, Brittany Bosco, DivaGeek (Vula & Ben Jones), Fatima x Alex Nut & Reggie B. Some of these tracks were recorded specially for ‘Feed Your Ears’, some are exclusive, never before heard golden-audio-nuggets, while others were specially reworked, just for us." via PinBoardBlog

<a href="">Feed Your Ears Vol. 1 by PinBoard Blog</a>

Download HERE.

Track Listing:

1. Olivier DaySoul - Kiss
2. Jimetta Rose - Right On Time
3. Peter Hadar - Dance Wit Me
4. Brittany Bosco - It Was You [Ether Reworking]
5. DivaGeek (Vula x Ben Jones) - Alien
6. Fatima x Alex Nut - Waist High Jeans
7. Reggie B - The Kingdom

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