Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Blu- the GODlee Barnes (LP)

Blu released his first LP a few days ago via twitter, stating "since 2007, three years in the making". Available as one single mp3 people seemed a little disappointed there was no track listing, but fear not. A few minutes ago the man himself decided to send that out to the twitter-verse as well.
DOWNLOAD: the GODlee Barnes (lp) mp3
1 the Innocent
2 Azulito The Great
3 Glory Us Delux (Feat. L's of A Band Called Glory
4 Never Dream (Produced by Exile)
5 the GOD's & Me
6 Grandma's Kitchen (Cypher By Fam Rep's Da1 & Sir Joseph)
7 Difficulties (Feat. Cash Us King and Fam Rep's Sir Joseph & R.O.B) Spoken Word By Niles
8 Spanish Winter
9 Be GO(o)D! (Feat. Sene)
10 the Run Out(erlude)
11 Its Okay (Feat. Definite & Myth Of Strange Fruit)
12 On Mars With The Stars (Feat. Sene)
13 Smoking @ 6 In The Mo' (By Cash Us King)
14 City Of Los(t) Angel(e)s (Feat. Cash Us King)
15 All The King's Men (Feat. Ti Ron)
16 A World Gone Blind (Feat. Cash Us King)
17 Mello Sunshine
18 'Til We Die
19 Crowns
20 Outro (Open Mind Dead) By Miguel Jontel
21 (the bonus song) My Boy Blu
22 Benevolent Offering & Benediction

the GODlee Barnes LP
Dedicated to G.O. Barnes

Produced, recorded & mixed By GODlee Barnes
Cuts by DJ Exile (Plus Production on "Never Dream")

If your unsure about the quality of the lp, Blu cleared that up via twitter aswell:

"Hi Q Version is a myth, I lost the files to all these songs two years ago, HD crashed. That's why i never released it, these are all compiled ruff mixes broskies"

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